Conglomerate Gold

In the Pilbara, Kairos holds 1,158 square kilometres of tenure which is highly prospective for conglomerate-hosted gold discoveries.

A field assessment of Kairos’ tenure has highlighted the presence of at least 100 strike kilometres of prospective lower Fortescue Group rocks including both the base of the Hardey Formation and the basal sequence of the Mount Roe Basalt, which are highly prospective for “Witwatersrand-style” conglomerate-hosted gold mineralisation.

Major exploration programs are underway targeting these highly prospective stratigraphic horizons, which have been associated with a number of recent high-profile gold discoveries in the Pilbara.

Highly experienced consulting exploration geologist, George Merhi, has been engaged by Kairos to oversee this exploration program. Mr Merhi has extensive experience of Witwatersrand-style gold exploration through the Pilbara, having previously worked as Exploration Manager for Novo Resources (TSX-V: NVO) and the Creasy Group.

Exploration in 2018 will target the conglomerate gold potential at the Croydon Project, to follow-up key targets identified by highly successful helicopter-supported reconnaissance exploration programs completed in 2017.

The helicopter-supported program focused on the contact between the basal Fortescue Group Mount Roe Basalt and older Archean basement along a 22km long corridor within E47/3522 & E47/3523.

The field work successfully identified extensive areas of previously unrecognised prospective conglomerate units, up to ~30m in thickness at four different locations predominantly within the southern portion of tenement package. Four discrete conglomerate targets were identified over a strike length of ~10km.

Forthcoming exploration programs will comprise detailed sampling and mapping with an aim of determining areas for follow-up trenching and bulk sampling.

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